As one of Rotterdam escort girls, I’m always on the lookout for ways to increase my libido. Let’s face it, I can’t always be in the mood, so every little helps. Of course, I could always just get out the lubricant and think of The Netherlands, but of course I owe it to my clients to at least show some modicum of passion. That’s why I was really interested to read that diet goes a long way to boosting libido and here’s some of the foods that sex experts recommend we should eat.

The humble pine nut – apparently they’re jam packed full or arginine which helps to increase blood flow around the body and which is converted into nitric oxide, a key component in Viagra – so bring on the pesto!

Avocados are also high on the list as they contain vitamin B6 which is known to increase the hormones which trigger a strong sex drive.

Why not try some black raspberries? Sex experts recommend 10 berries a couple of hours before you plan on getting down and dirty.

Keeping with the fruit theme, watermelon also contains that magic ingredient, arginine and also makes you think of summer holidays, which is always guaranteed to put you in a sexy mood.

Ginseng tea has long been known as a bit of an aphrodisiac and it particularly helps with erectile dysfunction. While I’ve never experienced that problem, perhaps I should make it available to some of my clients!

Almonds are said to have amazing properties, with folklore suggesting that the mere scent of this nut is an aphrodisiac for women. They’re also rich in zinc which helps sex drive in both men and women – it’s a win, win situation all round.

And finally, oatmeal is supposed to be a great aid to increasing your sex drive and is so highly recommended that it’s often used in lubes and love potions.