Four most unusual things about escorts

Being sexually satisfied does not necessarily include having sex. There are men who achieve orgasm by simply looking a woman peeling off her clothes, gently caressing her genital organs, or even stranger…letting her watch while they are masturbating.
Escorting is definitely the most interesting activity, and the niche where the kinkiest things are revealed. Escorts are those stunning women you choose for spending exquisite intimate time, indulging and tantalizing your body, carrying you to the ultimate peak of pleasure and erotic satisfaction throught sex, erotic massage or other services. However, there are guys that find their sexual satisfaction in the weirdest ways.

Here are four unusual situations created for escorts whose clients do have dirty fantasies.

“Slap me! Whip my ass! Talk dirty!”
That’s a pretty common request men address to their escort companions. Not once has happened that gentlemen who book escort services be in search for something that they don’t get at home. Many escorts that offer BDSM experiences receive requests from their clients to dominate them, slap them while having sex, whip their horny bodies, or talk dirty. That’s pretty crazy to know that men love being enslaved, sexually dominated and weakened in front of a woman.escorts rotterdam

“Watch me while I’m masturbating myself.”
Soo kinky from you, guys. There must be the weirdest fetish to book the services of an escort and wanting her just for admiring your masturbation. If you are planning to live this kind of experience, make sure you talk with the girl you date, and inform her about your fetish.

“I want to make my girlfriend jealous.”
Unbelievably, there are men who book escort services just for making their partners jealous. That’s a very unnatural situation, and many escorts don’t know how to react. Of course, in this situation the escort doesn’t know how to react, and their most polite reaction is to turn back and leave without letting the action explode.

“Wear this pair of shoes!”
Shoes are women’s passion. Surprisingly for us, there are men who have kinky fetishes, and these are related to the type of shoes their partners should wear. Not once has happened that escorts be asked to wear different kinds of shoes, including high heels, high boots, etc. Men have also strange preferences on colors and textures. Escorts are used to hear the color red and shiny leather.

With all these strange requirements, an escort will always be able to satisfy to the fullest the hungry man that craves for sexual satisfaction.