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Four hands massage

Imagine the perfect synchronicity of four hands, smoothing and exploring your body. Well that’s what you’re going to get when you book our special signature four hands massage. If you’ve ever had a massage before, if you remember how good it felt, then double that feeling, triple it even because as with all our massage services, the four hands massage doesn’t just involve the hands.

If you ask nicely, you’ll be treated to all manner of other sensual relief, until you’re left gasping for breath.

But before you get too carried away, let’s tell you all about what you can expect from a four hands massage. Just as the name suggests, instead of one masseuse and two hands, you’ll receive the attention of two masseuses and four hands. Using aromatic oils to smooth and condition your skin they’ll use slow detailed moves, varying both the pace and the pressure as they work their way around your body, anointing every part with their magic fingers. Most of the time the movements will be carried out in synchronisation, so it’s a little like receiving two massages at the same time, but occasionally they’ll vary the movements to add a little spice.
As with all our erotic massages, the massage can go as far as you like, you are the one in control. Just ask in advance and we’ll be able to send masseuses who will fulfil your desires. Imagine, two beautiful girls all ready, willing and more than capable of making your fantasy come true. The limit is only your own imagination, so get your imagination working now and give us a call, tell us what you require and we’ll do our very best to provide it.

They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, but certainly having two birds using their hands to massage you must be every man’s dream, so what are you waiting for, make your dreams come true today! Your dream is just a phone call away!

If you’re in Rotterdam or the surrounding areas of Delft -Vlaardingen -Spijkenisse -Rhoon -Schiedam – Barendrecht – Ridderkerk, -Capelle aan den Ijssel -Den Haag – Rijswijk -Hellevoetsluis – Hoek van Holland -Dordrecht – Krimpen aan den Ijssel or Oud Beijerland then call now.


Other areas are also available just call one of friendly operators for advice.